Saturday, December 4, 2010

the silver-tipped wings{of faith}

fragmentary moments,
pinned together with all the fragile intention of a grandmother's beloved loom.. .

words whisked into wisdom,

ancient tapestries revealing the joys and hardships of lives that then toiled,

blossoms hidden under winters white coat,

following in my brothers footsteps{literally, so my heels didn't sink in the snow),
& being grateful that it was snowing as i walked into church, for snowflakes in a girl's hair always makes her look luminously radiant,

our 9 year old neighbour making a vivacious amount of opaque crimson jelly - mmmm!

petite ponderings,
large luminations,
corner booths.. .& tables for 11,

being at last with those you love

.. .some of the days most beauteous joys!!!

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